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GeSIX was founded in the year 2021 with directors having 70+ person years of experience and having an In-Depth Knowledge in Advanced Technologies in Civil Engineering and Geospatial Domain.

We at Gesix provide Smart Innovative Solutions around Geospatial and Engineering Segments with Expert consultation. Focused to provide qualitative & state-of-the-art technology solutions in SIX focused segments of services.

Gesix is incorporated with vision of offering innovative, quality and effective solutions to all sectors of Govt. Private Enterprises and Non Govt. organizations.

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We offer


Comprehensive Geospatial solutions and services catering to Infrastructure, Land, Mining and water.

Geospatial Services Offered:

  • GIS Mapping & Spatial Data Management.
  • Spatial Data Migration.
  • GIS Application Services.
  • GIS System Maintenance.

Geospatial Solutions Offered:

  • Property Data Management.
  • Dam Safety Management.
  • Urban Flood Management.
  • City Asset Management.
  • Spatial Intelligence.
  • Disaster Management.


End to end LiDAR data capturing, processing and modelling services for AEC, Industrial, Heritage, Land and mines.

LiDAR technology is being widely used in the construction industry for the fact that it is very precise and now it is emerging as one of the most preferred technology adopted for the surveys. It is mostly automated process and more efficient one. It is most affordable way to produce complex topographical surveys.

The places which are inaccessible can be easily mapped with LiDAR. The LiDAR's can collect high volume of data in short period. In LiDAR technology, the Scan-to-BIM and BIM-to-Field can feed data to and from the site to ensure the real-world matches the building model.

LiDAR technology offers incredibly accurate, consistent results. The short wavelength can even detect small objects and create exact 3D models, making it possible to determine what the objects are.

  • As Built Plans and Asset visualization.
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM).
  • 3D Scanning for Building Information System Models.
  • 3D Scanning of Heritage Structures.
  • 3D Scanning for Plant Engineering and Marine Vehicles.
  • LiDAR data processing.
  • Accident Spot Analysis and reconstruction.
  • Information Modelling (BIM).
  • Surveys of Industrial plants/ Assembly Lines.
  • Health monitoring of civil infrastructure.
  • Power utility mapping.
  • Dam monitoring.
  • Roadway surveys.


Data plays a critical role in any segment for management or analytics, we offer data services on Engineering, Infrastructure , Geospatial, LiDAR and UAV data.

  • Move your data and meet new standards & Explore.
  • Migrating mission-critical data to a new system is need of the hour as the systems using the spatial data getting upgraded and changed drastically.
  • Transforming your data assets to comply with new standards and systems are important aspect of any Spatial System management and analysis.
  • Transform your data with comfort and confidence.
  • New GIS systems / ICT enabled systems or new industry standards can require significant changes to your spatial data.
  • We offer Spatial data migration services and enable our customer to get on to new standards & systems.


Experience you can trust, service you can count on.

  • Transportation and Highway Engineering.
  • Buildings.
  • Water Supply & Sanitation.
  • CAD Drafting for Elevation, Site & Floor Plans.
  • Topographic Survey Drafting.
  • Architectural Drawing.
  • Construction Drawing.
  • Cartography Mapping Services.
  • CAD Conversion.


Survey Grade UAV Services catering to all segments of Engineering, Architectural, Archeological , Infrastructure and Land & Mines

Disaster Mapping

  • Emergency response coordination
  • Search and Rescue
  • Post disaster assessment

Infrastructure Inspection

  • Bridges / Cell Phone Towers
  • Power lines / Solar Panels

Land Management

  • Drainage Issues
  • Replanting Decisions
  • Yield Estimations \ Soil Moisture


  • Forest Fire
  • Deforestation


  • Volume Calculation

Feasibility Surveys

  • Transportation Routes
  • Railway Routes


  • Coastal Erosion

Advance Survey

We offer high end Engineering Survey

Surveying is an imperative requirement in the planning, design, and execution of every form of construction. The quality of the project will depend on the quality of the survey conducted. With the advent of the electronics in the survey instruments, revolutionary changes have taken place in the field of modern surveying. The rapid advancement in the technology and availability of innovative components and affordable instruments the modern survey has become more adaptable.

The conventional survey techniques used for measuring the two dimensional and three-dimensional co-ordinates is time consuming. With the advent of the advanced mapping techniques, the acquisition of 3D data has become extremely easy and less time consuming. These techniques are being widely used in the recent times. Gesix has pioneered in the advanced surveying using all the modern survey instruments such as LiDAR's, UAVs, and other high-end surveying equipment's.

Our services include:

  • DGPS Surveys.
  • UAV Surveys.
  • Terrestrial LiDAR surveys.
  • Total Station surveys.
  • Staking out and Setting out.
  • As Built Surveys of plants.
  • As Built Surveys for Buildings/Structures.
  • Construction Staking.
  • Right-of-Way Survey.

“Always deliver more than expected.”


We offer

Dam Safety Management

Dam Safety and Surveillance Solution IOT, GIS and Remote Sensing plays an important role here in managing the assets and information related to dams which the traditional method could not offer.

Urban Flood Management

Storm flooding usually creates havoc and panic situation to the people residing in urban areas. High intensity rainfall events and flooding in urban areas are increasing every year.

Road Asset Management System

Core Network Data, Maintenance Data, Cross Asset Pritorisation, Bridge Data, Road Accident Analysis System, Traffic Incident Data


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