Asset Management System

Asset management demands the achievement of the least cost and operating assets over their life cycle while meeting service standards for customers. It requires the deployment of tools make the processes effective, such as setting service levels, maintaining an asset register, monitoring asset condition, and deriving the maintenance standards.

Asset management for water utilities and sewerage utilities is complex because of the number, variety, age, condition, and location of assets, the difficulty of inspecting the underground assets. There is lack of information, maintaining and replacing assets at the required time. There is wide gap between the demand of funds for the maintenance and the allocation by the urban local bodies.
In this context the need of a robust and user-friendly Asset Management System is the need of the hour.

Gesix has developed simple and robust, user friendly Asset Management System for the urban assets with GIS interface. Also, we have developed supplemental systems for infrastructure Estimation, Project Monitoring system, Billing Systems, which will help the implementing agencies in having an end-to-end solutions.

Customized software solutions provided by us are,

Water Supply and Sanitation

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Sewerage Network Systems

Building Infrastructure

  • Building infrastructure Asset Management.

Road Infrastructure

  • Road Information System
  • Rural Road Asset Management System
  • Urban Road Asset Management System

Infrastructure Asset Management

  • Infrastructure Progress Monitoring System
  • Online Billing Management System for Infrastructure Projects
  • Online Estimation Software for Infrastructure Project