Dam Safety Management

Dam Safety and Surveillance Solution IOT, GIS and Remote Sensing plays an important role here in managing the assets and information related to dams which the traditional method could not offer. Manual integration of the entire surface and subsurface information requires huge expenditure of manpower and time.

Seamless integration of geological and temporal data from IOT sensors, or other multiple sources, including field data collection, using mobile is possible with GIS technology. Multiple users working in the field or in the office can create, edit, and manage information near real-time helping the department to arrive at better informed decisions.

Dam Safety
GIS gives the department the ability to have situational awareness through the creation of a common operating picture integrating various types of data and sensors. This capability provides command staff with the most up to date information by integrating your agency’s high-value static data (land cover, soil properties, gauging station locations, critical infrastructure, imagery, etc.) with dynamic event data (water level sensor information, rain gauges sensors, incidents, cameras, other sensors, etc.) and analysis through a map to provide a comprehensive, dynamic dashboard view into the happenings at the dam site.